Thursday, 27 January 2011

Finished !!! year later....and now taking up half the living room :o)


  1. It really is spectacular - you need to build a conservatory - that is where mine is - they are very big!

  2. The house is beautiful!!! And big ;-)
    Mine is in the living room also and it sure takes a lot of space!!!
    Do you already know what you will be making next??

  3. Gosh it's a big house, methinks it must be at least 5 feet wide!? I know my Hogwarts will be just over that when the garden etc is added. I bet you are glad it finished! Well worth the effort. :o)))

    I'm having Hogwarts on a custom build cabinet,it the safest place with a cat that likes to jump on dollshouses! lol

    Michelle :o))

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments... :o) I follow all your blogs as i find it so interesting to see what everyone is doing.
    Kevin says he will be building another at some point, but to sell on. But it won't be as big as this one. This one is 60" wide and 43" high, but we can carry it between us. Kevin used about 10 kilos of clay on this for the walls and roof, inside and out, god knows what the whole thing weighs.

    Karen xx