Thursday, 27 January 2011


  1. fan-bloody-tastic!! on my knees in the 'Im not worthy' position!!! absolutely incredible! you must be chuffed to bits. ;-)

  2. Wow ! what can I say....thanks sooo much for your comment Mandy.
    I have to say it turned out better than I thought it would, never having done anything like this before.
    Kevin :o)

  3. Kevin, spent an hour tonight with my husband Kevin going through your blog from the beginning to today's post, looking at every stage of the House build.

    He was really impressed as well, particularly that you done it all in such a short time scale. What we both wondered was if you had an original plan or did you 'wing' it? and is your background in woodwork/building etc? we were so impressed by all the details.

    Funny thing is all Im looking for is a little one floor 1940's lean to for my house, Im going to have to get him cracking now! ha ha!!

    Loved reading all the thread as well!

    So I was wondering......whats next.............


  4. Hi Mandy

    No, I had no plans. I just started on the left worked to the right doing what I thought would look good. All I knew was that I wanted it to be unique, not look 'boxy' or like a toy and I wanted the roofline to be a distinguishing feature.

    It took me a year of most weekends and i would say about 600 hours in total. And no, my background was the But I am good at DIY....Karen says.

    I will make another one, as I do enjoy it, but probably not as big and will sell it on, as we have no room for more.

    Will be updating the blog as we furnish the rooms and Karen dresses the dolls. She did make all the kitchen food & veggies.