Thursday, 30 December 2010


Roof Panels

Finally time to start glueing the roof panels in place..........
A last thin wash of green around the edges to give the impression of damp mould in the areas where real roofs get it.

Cannot be seen clearly on pic.

Roof panels

Colour washing the roof panels.....using brown acrylic well watered down, but done in four different coats.

I was dreading this as all panels need to look weathered to the same extent.
A thin wash of brown.....and finally a wash of light grey which does the cement infill...

They are not as ornate as some, but I like them.
Highlighting some of the bricks with darker colours....

Chimneys finished

Chimneys fully clayed and ready for colouring....

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Look quite good I think....I am wondering if these will suffice for the house ??? or if I need more on the left side.

Not glued yet, leave to dry before the colour washing.
Look quite good I think.
Rough idea.....


Thought long about how to do the chimneys as I wanted them to be a good feature.
Just used one and a half inch sqaure pine and bits off a broom handle.
Then clayed them up....
Still need to finish the front lift off panel.

Claying the roof panels

Each full panel takes about half a kilo of clay to complete.
I use the tile impress from Malcolms Miniatures to impress the clay.
I have seen that some makers of Tudor houses use plaster, because it is cheaper, but the tiles are far too big that way.
Looking at photos of real houses the tiles are very small and irregular, due to roofs sagging etc, so I like this way for realism.
Once the wash is applied it looks very real, like Karens shed.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Where we are now.....busy weekend ahead :o)

Roughly how it will look. just the panel with the apex to finish off....the lift off one. The right hand one that is clayed also just lifts off.
The front roof panel to this part I will make so it lifts off.
Some panels in place. They just slot together. When I have done the roof claying I will glue them on and put all the cross beams in. Should look good then.....

Sunday, 5 December 2010

This panel lifts off for access.

Clay roof

One panel clayed up and impressed to look like tiles....I decided on clay as when it has had the acrylic washing done, it looks very realistic. It will probably take about 4 kilos to do the entire roof of the house........
Some panels all beamed and painted......
And another part done.....
And another....part done
And another...

Roof Panels

Beaming out all the roof parts. As I said I want the roof to be a real feature. These take a long time to make.