Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Parlour Bay Window

Walls all clayed up.

Will cut the spindles down to the level of the small wall and these are what the bay window will sit on.......fingers crossed.
Just about finished. Have thought of a way to make it removable. It will slide onto terrace spindles which will be glued to floor and a small removable wall the same height as the spindles will supprt the back....confused ? so am I...lol
Going to put boards on the inside of the bay window.
The main Parlour bay window consists of 3 double and two single windows glued together and I then used different bits of moulding for effect.

All the large windows in the house are openers.

Still need to think about how to make it removable.
Claying it all. Hate to think how many kilos of this I will have used when this is finished.
Walls stained up.
Going to put paneling in the Parlour room.....should look nice when stained.
Walls 'beamed' up and windows and doors put in. Think I will do a fire place in the library on the back wall.
Have put door into each room from here. There will be stairs up in the Parlour, but not the Libray.
Taking shape.

First Floor

Rough layout of the First floor. This will consist of the Library / Music room and the Parlour. I want to make the Parlour, which will be a large room, with a large feature window, which will pull out to allow access......not sure how yet though :o)

I want the outer stair area to be a nice feature too.

There will also be a Terrace area. Not sure if they had them in tohose days......but I don't see why not.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Hall and Tavern lit up....
Hall lights.
Kitchen with lights on. They are connected to a 'flicker' unit so look like candle light.

There is also a pulsing light in the Fire.

And Karen has been busy making vegetables.....as long as I don't have to eat them !
Lantern in the Tavern and two back wall torch lights....and again.....Karen has moved in !

Same lights in the Kitchen.

Can't wait until night, and see what they look like.
Two Wagon wheel lights in the Hall. Karen has moved some furniture in.....when I wasn't looking.....I havn't even done the snagging list yet !
Will run wires for lights through a straw, to make for easy replacement.


These are the lights I want to use. Probably need 6 wagon wheels, 4 hanging lanterns and about 10 wall lights.
Got them from Ray Storey very authentic looking.

Will do ceiling in two pieces. I think I will just paint the ceiling, not clay. That should keep the weight down a bit too, as it's such a large area.
Kitchen front in with beams attached. Also put some moulding around the ceiling edges. Should look nice when stained.
Putting the ceiling beams onto the removable fronts. I think I will do this differently on the next floor.

Ground floor ceiling

Starting on the ceiling beams.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tavern with fronts off.
Hall with front off.
Finished Kitchen with front off. Ignore the furniture.....
Internal stairs. Bought these. Probably not genuine Tudor, but heyho, I think they will look nice.
Stair landing clayed and done. Built up the bottom stair area with clay, not sure what I am going to do with the finish to that yet....that'll be a finishing touch thing I think
Ready to colour wash the floor.
Tavern floor clyed up. Thought I would do a 'double' step up to the fire place. Wall looks nice I think.
Brick work 'up close' didn't turn out too bad.
Lighter wash to highlight the cement....
First colour wash application, to try and 'highlight' certain areas of the brick work.
Walls and step are all dried out ready for colour wash. Fire place has already been done. Floor still needs claying up and made to look like flag stones though.
Tavern step clayed up. Unlike the Kitchen, this step and the small wall will stay in place when the fronts are taken out.
Tavern front all clayed, inside and out. Also the low wall.
Tavern fronts all stained....now need claying inside and out. The low wall will need teracotta clay and made to look like brick work.
Fancied the stairs up a bit. I think I'll put clay on the landing and put a ballustrade up too.....need to start thinking about what i am going to do on the first floor landing......
Starting to take shape now. The tavern front with door will hook behind the wall to ensure a good fit and the L shaped window part will just slide out.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fronts made, still need beams and clay of course..
The front will come out in two pieces, the window part and the door.  Karen bought a bar....but it is too big and not to scale, so that will have to go.....it looks yukkie too.


Working out the layout of the tavern. Going to put the removable fronts onto a brick wall....so it will look a bit different.
Front nearly done, but there is enough room on the base for another room.....so Karen wants a tavern there.... :o)
Wall and stairs in place....gonna have to think of a way to make those stairs look nicer....?
Wall stained and clayed up.
This part of the front will not be removable
Working out how to do the front of the hall...??
Giving the hall flagstones an acrylic wash.