Saturday, 13 November 2010

A rough idea....
The other side.....still not glued at all.

The Roof

Bit of trial and error to see if it will all work. There will be lots of cross beams too, so nothing glued down yet.
One of the roof panels for nursery.
All done. Leave to dry for painting.
Will need a good bit of this. I think I have used about 4 kilo's of white so far, maybe 5.
Terracotta clay done for brickwork and tiles.
Ready for staining and then clay.
Again panelling.

Main bedroom back wall

Thought I would put one large fire place in for top floor.
I really have no idea yet as to how to go about the roof lines.......i will just work left to right i think and see what comes...
Back wall glued in. Note partition wall to main bedroom is also panelled.
All stained and ready for clay.
Thought panelling would look nice on this.


The back wall to the top nursery bedroom.

It has been a while, but managed to spend a couple of weekends on the house again.