Saturday, 18 September 2010

The story so far

I have now caught up with pictures as to where I am at at the present. I have a ton of claying to do, which will probably take me all this weekend and next. But it is finally starting to take some shape.


  1. It looks like you are using Das (the white one) for the clay in between the beams? I've been using paperclay and it does dry out mighty quick, so I have to work fast. I do have a white pack of Das as a back up as I need loads of paperclay!

    This looks like a very large house and I admire you starting on your first one and not even using or building from a kit! I am building a Tudor house too, (it will be over 5 foot wide and 2 feet deep) but mine is being adapted as it's my version of Hogwarts. I've made all my own doors and beams...I am finishing up on the Dorma windows now. I'm not looking forward to putting all the tiles on the roof. lol

    You've done so much in less than 6 months! I'm sure Karen will love it to bits once its complete.

    Michelle :o)

  2. Hi Michelle
    Yes, I use DAS between the beams. I find it easy to work with and it doesn't shrink....if you put PVA on surface first, and it can be worked for quite a long time.

    This house is 5 foot wide, but only 18 inches deep. I look forward to seeing your Hogwarts house.

    I am also going to use DAS (Teracotta) on the roof. I find that DAS given the right treatment and colour washes looks very real.
    And being a beginner I thought I'd stick with what I was comfortable with.

    I really have got the bug and will have to do another after this, but smaller and I will have to sell it.

    Kevin :o)