Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Stained up and almost ready for clay. Getting an idea of the size it is going to be now.
Notice in the foreground a shed scene that Karen has built for my dad for xmas.


  1. This just gets more impressive every time I see it! You could never buy anything like it.

  2. Thanks Christine.....I think you are right, it would be hard to buy one like this.

    I have the bug now and will have to make another one.....bit smaller though :o)

  3. Once you have one house, you will or must have more! lol It's a 'very' addictive hobby! :o))You've done a lot so far! :o))

    I love the construction side as much I love filling them! I am looking forward to seeing this Tudor house progress. :o))

    Michelle :o)

  4. Hi Michelle
    Yes, I love building them now and will have to do more. They will be smaller though and they will be for selling on. We don't have the room to keep any more that this one, which will always be the 'special' one as it was my first and for Karen.