Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The main Parlour bay window consists of 3 double and two single windows glued together and I then used different bits of moulding for effect.

All the large windows in the house are openers.

Still need to think about how to make it removable.


  1. It looks fantastic! Just a thought for removabilty, if it sits inside the framing you could possibly 'tacky wax' it in place, then just wriggle it to remove and if it sits outside the framing, small magnets or magnetic strip? You can get really super strong tiny round magnets that you could set into the frame and something to attract to on the window (or vice versa) but no doubt you will puzzle your own way around it. :)

  2. Thanks again Christine
    I have come up with a way that it just slides in and out. Trick will be to get a good fit so that no joins can be seen....

  3. I see you found your own solution. :) It looks even better in place!